Executive Vice-President Africa & Middle East

The Executive Vice-President Africa and Middle East is responsible for liaison with Member Associations within the Africa and Middle East Region; for fostering contacts with non-member associations in the Africa and Middle East Region, and encouraging the affiliation of such associations; and for overseeing the activities of his/her region. He or she is also an ex-officio member of any committee of the Federation which may be assigned to the Africa and Middle East Region. 

Keziah Ogutu (Kenya)

Miss Ogutu joined the Directorate of Civil Aviation Kenya in 1982 as an Air Traffic Control Assistant (ATCA) trainee. At the completion of the training, she was deployed as an ATCA and worked both at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi (JKIA) and Nairobi Area Control Center. She qualified as an air traffic control officer in 1990 and was posted to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), Kenya’s largest and the region’s busiest airport.

She became senior ATCO in charge of training responsible for On the Job Training of ATCOs at JKIA and currently holds the post of Chief ATM Officer in charge of Operations at JKIA.

Miss Ogutu is currently pursuing an Executive MBA programme (Aviation option) at Moi University Kenya, her Research project is on ‘Human Factors in Air Traffic Control’.

Her first experience of IFATCA was in 1987 when the annual conference was held in Nairobi Kenya. She served as the Assistant Secretary for KATCA, for two years and two years as the Executive Secretary for the association. During this period she represented the association in various local and international aviation forums. It was through this work that she started representing IFATCA at the various regional aviation forums held in Nairobi. This led to her becoming the IFATCA’s representative to ICAO’s AFI Incident Analysis Group (AIAG) and ICAO Tactical Action group (TAG). She continues to participate in a number of ICAO Task forces in the region.

Miss Keziah Ogutu was elected as Executive Vice President Africa and Middle East at the Annual Conference held in Amman, Jordan in April, 2011. Her responsibilities, among other things, are to oversee all activities of IFATCA within the Africa-Middle East Region. She was re-elected for a two-year term during the 52nd annual conference of the Federation in Bali, Indonedia, in 2013.