Executive Vice-President Professional

The Executive Vice-President in charge of professional matters is responsible for the supervision of work programmes of all professional committees of the Federation.

Eric Risdon (Switzerland)

Eric Risdon started as an Air Traffic Controller in 1992 in Montreal-Mirabel, Canada. After one year of working tower, he moved to the Montreal Area Control Centre (ACC) where he worked a mix of procedural and radar en-route traffic until 2001. Then followed a move to Switzerland where he is currently working en-route radar in Geneva ACC.

Since 2008 he is an elected board member of Skycontrol, the Geneva branch of the Air Traffic Controller’s association. In 2009 and 2013 he was active in the team representing the Swiss ATCOs for renegotiating the collective labour agreement. Serving as President for 2 years as of 2010, he now is appointed as Secretary and mainly handles social and professional matters.

Participating to IFATCA Conferences since 2009, he was elected as a PLC member that same year until 2014. He also acted as Committee “C” Chair at for 3 consecutive years as of 2012.

In 2014, Eric was elected as Executive Vice-President, Professional (EVPP) of the Federation during the 53rd annual Conference in Gran Canaria, Spain.

Eric is a Canadian citizen and enjoys music, golf and skiing. He is currently also building his own airplane.