Position Paper on Europe's Performance Scheme

IFATCA believes that it should be the aim of the future evolution of the Performance Scheme to create a modern state of the art, innovatively driven, socially responsible and long-term sustainable service provision at an acceptable and realistically achievable cost for the users. IFATCA therefore has outlined its view in a position paper to the European Commission on the needs for the future Performance Scheme.

"The future performance scheme has to become, more realistic, simpler, include all stakeholders while reducing the fragmentation and has to realign the scope of the targets in a more realistic and operational focused way" comments Mr. Tom Laursen, Executive Vice President Europe of IFATCA. He continues, "The main challenge for the future of the Single European Sky is to create a performing infrastructure, which includes the human dimension as an enabler. The investment in infrastructure needs to be controlled and the investment in operational staff needs to be treated as a priority. The deployment phase of the technological pillar is a major change process that needs to be carried out by the humans in the system."

IFATCA proposes overall measures to correct the direction of the Single European Sky and 16 measures for the Reference Period 3 and invites all the stakeholders to agree on a common and shared vision for the future of the currently high performing ATM system.

The position paper is available here. Click here for the full press release.