The Office Manager

OM2013.pngTatiana Iavorskaia

I took over as Office Manager in 2001 – yes, time flies if you spend it with pleasure – many of you know me already and I am good friends with most of you.

I moved to Canada many years ago and now I can tell that Montreal is my home. I used to say that I am the only employee of IFATCA and the only one without an ATC background, but I am an ATCO in my heart! My academic background is in English Literature and I have a Master’s Degree in Library Science and Information Studies from McGill University, Montreal.
My work as an Office Manager consists of attention to many small details that I constantly keep in mind.  Sometimes when I leave the office at the end of the day, my thoughts are swamped with claims forms, invoices, Controller magazine database, addresses updates, various reminders, and the list goes on. Regardless, I love being in contact with you and I am always happy to receive your e-mails and phone calls.