President and Chief Executive Officer

The President and Chief Executive Officer presides at all Conferences; supervises all activities of the Federation; signs official documents; and is the chief spokesman of the Federation. He is a non-elected member of all committees and chairs all meetings of the Executive Board.He is also responsible for the selection of representatives at all external meetings.

Patrik Peters (Eurocontrol Guild of ATS)

Patrik Peters assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer (PCX) of the Federation at the end of the 53rd Annual Conference of IFATCA, held in May 2014 in Gran Canaria.

Having started his career in aviation in 1990 as student air traffic controller in the EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services in Luxembourg (INSTILUX), he quickly became involved with the EUROCONTROL Guild of Air Traffic Services (EGATS). This professional association, a member of IFATCA, strives to improve safety and efficiency in air navigation in close cooperation with its members and the EUROCONTROL agency. Since 1995, he has held various positions on the Executive Board of this Association. He was elected president of EGATS in 2001 and held this position until 2006, when he took office as Executive Vice-President Europe for IFATCA.

He served two terms as EVP Europe before being elected Vice-President of IFATCA in 2010. He was re-elected for a second 2-year term at the 2011 Conference in Amman/Jordan and again recently at the 2013 conference in Bali/Indonesia. This latter term was interupted as he took up the leadership of the Federation during the 2014 conference.

Patrik Peters' specialities are team management and structure, communication and print publications. One of his specialities is the field of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), where he led several seminars and work-shops. He currently holds the position of room supervisor capacity/tactical at the EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Center. He is responsible for the management of the air traffic controller teams working air traffic in the upper airspace (above 24.500 feet) of Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Northern Germany. The last seven years before, he served the agency as team supervisor of an ATCO team in the Brussels sector group. Previously, as training officer, he was responsible for the coordination of ab-initio student and conversion controller training. He is a fully qualified area radar controller, holding licenses for the Belgian and Luxembourg upper airspace.

Patrik is a German national and lives with his two sons in Aachen, Germany.